Manage your Digital Signage with Maple DigiSign

The easiest digital signage management tool

Display Social Media Content on Large Screens

Display Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and other social media contents easily

Manage your screens Anytime Anywhere

Update and Schedule your content 24*7

Pay according to Usage

The best 'Pay per Use' pricing policy

Maple DigiSign Features

It's a cakewalk to manage your Digital Signages with Maple DigiSign.
We provide the software, servers and support to give you a hassle-free experience. You can start managing your screens within few minutes of on-boarding.

Quick On-Boarding

Forget wasting time on purchasing confusing software and expensive server spaces. Pick your laptop and start using Maple DigiSign right away.

24*7 Access

Never loose out on releasing an instant marketing campaign. Access your screens anytime anywhere 24 hours a day.

Flexible and scalable

Adding new screens to the system is extremely easy and quick. You can manage your screens individually or collectively.

Online Editor

Create moving and impressive storyboards within seconds using our easy-to-use online editor. No need to install any software for content management.

Multi Window Support

Divide a single screen into multiple sections running different content altogether. No need to buy additional hardware to display split screen content.

Pay Per Use

You are always in control of your spending. Pay only for the resources you use. The less you use our resources, the less you pay.

The innovative and efficient Digital Signage platform

Experience better performance, friendly UI and enhanced scheduling with DigiSign - your ultimate digital signage solution.

A Simple and easy platform that offers you total control

The unique design features of DigiSign sets it apart from existing standard Digital Signage solutions. Enjoy smooth transitions and seamless navigation, with intelligent and instantaneous loading of images, videos, web pages and many other resources.

  • Experience better performance
  • Enhanced scheduling
  • Free! Yes, try DigiSign for free

Key advantages of DigiSign

DigiSign addresses all the issues of existing Signage solutions, and is easy to understand and use. Customize your preferences, whether it is layout, background or tickers, and enjoy a pleasant experience like never before.


Round the clock live support ensures any likely issue you face is immediately addressed and resolved.


Both novices and experts can understand and utilize the simplified controls and instructions.


Developed with emphasis on social functions of the web, Predefined social plugins from various social media websites.

Variety of content

Images, videos, web-pages, tickers and pre built widgets are some of the many benefits.

Quick Video Demonstration

DigiSign simplifies your experience, even as it brings you a range of efficient and interesting features. Click here for a quick video guide to everything you need to know about how to get started and use DigiSign!